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What's a Teddy Bear Trim?

Updated: Apr 3

If you’ve read our other blogs about cat care, especially the blog regarding the Lion Cut and why we do not do this type of grooming, you might be surprised to see that we will offer the Teddy Bear Trim. Some of you might not know what a Teddy Bear Trim is or how it is different from the Lion Cut. We hope that this blog helps!

The Teddy Bear Trim is done with scissors and a comb or a clipper with a comb attachment on it to evenly trim a long-haired cat’s fur down a bit, but not down to the skin.

If you're wondering what this might look like, check out the before and after pictures below.

Here are some very good reasons to do a Teddy Bear Trim:

· If your cat is having trouble grooming themselves. One of the reasons that this could happen is related to being overweight. Some overweight cats’ abdominal girth becomes too large and round, making it impossible for the cat to reach every part of themselves like they should for grooming. Until these cats can be put on a diet that will help them to slim down, The Teddy Bear Trim can help them to stay cleaner.

· If your cat is of a breed that has a short snout, such as a Persian, Scottish Fold, British Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair, Selkirk Rex and some Himalayan cats. These breeds have a small mouth that may not be equipped to properly groom their own fur. These breeds sometimes require regular help from a groomer to keep the challenging parts of the fur at a more manageable length.

· If your cat does not tolerate heat well. It’s normal for all cats to lay flat or even belly-up during hot days. This is their natural behavior to cool themselves. However, some cats, due to their age, disease processes or other factors, may not tolerate heat in a healthy way. If your vet has told you that your cat should be trimmed for these reasons, the Teddy Bear Trim is a good option.

· If your long haired cat has become matted to the point that the mats cannot be brushed out. The mats should be removed by a professional, which can leave some bald spots. Then a Teddy Bear Trim can make the fur more even to be able to “start over” with their coat.

Here’s why NOT to do a Teddy Bear Trim:

This cut is not for cats with short or medium length fur. The Teddy Bear Trim only takes the outer guard hairs (the long, fuzzy part) off. Short haired cats don’t have this feature to their coat. So, a Teddy Bear Trim is not for them.

If you only want a trim to help your cat be cooler in the summer months, consider this: Cats’ fur is adapted to get thicker in the winter, by growing a fluffy undercoat. As the seasonal temperatures rise in the spring time, this undercoat sheds out and leaves the longer, silky coat, which is thinner. This coat allows for good air flow to the skin, while still protecting the skin from the sun. So, it’s a natural feature that helps to cool the cat. If taken away, it can lead to overheating and leave the skin vulnerable to sun burn.

If you only want a Teddy Bear Trim to help with shedding, consider a bath instead. Trimming the topcoat off doesn’t do anything but cut off the guard hairs and does not affect the shedding process occurring underneath. Water baths help to hasten the shedding process and are a more natural way to aid the release of the undercoat.

So, if your cat does not have any of the conditions mentioned in the above section, we recommend not trimming your cat for the summer. You can help to cool your cat by providing shaded, breezy areas for them to go and lay to cool themselves. It’s also good to leave out several bowls of fresh water around the house to remind your cat to drink more often.

Here are some websites that give a great visual to help explain the “fur concept” that was explained here:

Having a long haired cat can be a lot of work at times, but their sweet disposition makes them well worth the effort. Here is a web article that provides a lot of good tips for caring for your long haired cat:

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