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The Long Haired Kitty Trim Package

Updated: Jan 2

Long haired cats may have certain problem areas that can be solved with a typical combination of trimming. Not all long haired cats have the exact same problem areas, as each cat is an individual. That's why each "Trim Package" is uniquely created to meet the needs of your cat.

Below are some typical problem areas and questions to help you decide if this area is an issue for your cat. We will also explain a bit about how this area can be addressed with individualized trimming.

The pantaloons:

Does your cat have a lot of fluff down the back of the thigh that sometimes mats? Can you not see your cat's butt hole or what can be lurking in that fur? Do you have frequent problems with urine or feces getting stuck to these areas? Do you find pieces of feces on your floor or stuck to rugs?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", your cat might benefit from a shortening of the groin and hind areas, or even a complete (yet attractive) shave of these areas. We call that last one "The Brazilian".

The armpits and belly:

Do you find tangles in your cats armpits, leg pits or belly that are difficult or downright impossible to prevent from turning into mats?

Mats in these areas can be uncomfortable and prevent your cat from running, jumping and playing as they would like.

Shaving these areas, or shaving the armpits and groins, or just shortening the overall belly can help you and your cat to manage these areas much more successfully.

The mane:

Do you notice your cat's mane getting stuck in their mouth when they are grooming themselves? Does your cat's mane get wet when they drink? Do you find food or floor dirt in your cat's mane? Does your cat get matting around their face, ears, neck or chest?

Shaping the mane to contour along the cat's natural neck and chest not only makes a cleaner look and prevents it from dipping into their meal, but it helps your cat to groom more efficiently. They will be able to get past the fluff to better clean the areas that they have been trying to get to. It helps them to help you in routine grooming!

The toe tufts:

Does your cat have extra fuzzy slippers? Does your cat sometimes have litter balls stuck in between their toes or along their feet? Does your cat slide on your hardwood floors or stairs?

Scooping out the long hairs in between the toe pads with scissors or a fine clipper can help your cat gain traction and minimize litter issues.

The skirts:

Does your cat go outside and come in with wet skirts? Do you find matting in the long fur along the sides of your cat?

Trimming the sides of your cat's belly, tapering it to the curve of your cat's natural chassis lends a cleaner look and prevents debris and morning dew from creating a matting nightmare.

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