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Close to Nature

Felinity Cat Care is dedicated to helping clients learn what makes their feline friend healthiest and happiest. We start from the perspective that our cats are domesticated animals. So, they are not fit for living in the wild anymore. Yet, they are still animals. They are not exactly like us, as humans, and they deserve special consideration because of it. Often what makes cats healthiest and happiest is recognizing what nature would provide for them and mirroring these gifts.

For instance, cats are “obligate carnivores”. This means that the majority if their diet must be meat for them to remain healthy. Feeding our cats a vegetarian diet would not be wise, if we want them to be healthy and strong. To learn more about this, see the references at the end of this article and also read our upcoming article on this website regarding a healthy and natural diet.

Another example is how we compensate for the fact that our cats live in a house and not outdoors (for the most part). We are well on the way to keeping our cats happy if we understand that scratching is a physical need for a cat, not only to keep their nails filed down and clean, but for the health of their upper body musculature. So, discouraging scratching will only frustrate both you and your cat. Instead, we can find ways of encouraging stretching and scratching by providing many scratching objects around the house that will fulfill their physical need and keep them from scratching non-sanctioned items, such as couches and rugs.

When grooming cats, Felinity Cat Care tries to stay as close to nature as possible so that the bath or fur trim does not unduly stress your cat out. Their excellent sense of smell leads us to steer clear of scented shampoos. The fact that they take daily baths on their own, leads us to use only natural products, because we know that the shampoo and conditioner residue will end up in your cat’s digestive tract. Taking into consideration the needs of older cats who might be having some arthritic joint pain will change the way that we groom older cats. Not using electric clippers and never shaving a cat down to the skin (lion cut) protects their sensitive bodies and takes advantage of the way that nature has chosen to protect your cat. For more about this, please see our upcoming articles on bathing and the lion cut.


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