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Felinity Cat Care
Seattle's go to in-home cat grooming and wellness service


We are Seattle’s go-to service for all your cat home care needs. Caring for cats in their own home where they feel at ease and confident is the key to a healthier, more well-adjusted cat.

We can help with grooming issues, medical needs, and behavioral issues using a natural and holistic approach that is often more successful than other care services that you may have tried. We can teach you and your cat to work together, taking advantage of your cat’s natural inclinations.

Have you been given procedures to do at home, by your veterinarian, that you find difficult or nearly impossible? We can help by working with you and your veterinarian to create a health improvement plan that is specially tailored to you and your cat’s needs.

We help care for your cat in a holistic way that works with your cat’s natural immune system and behavioral tendencies.

We focus on teaching the owner how to care for their own cat, rather than creating a dependency on our services. We believe this is the right thing to do and will pay for itself in referrals that will come as a result of ethical behavior.


Beth Benner:

Beth moved to Seattle from New York City in 2016. In New York, she worked and studied under the mentorship of Anitra Frazier (Author of "The New Natural Cat") for four years providing in-home cat care. In that time she learned much about natural cat care and how to provide grooming and medical treatments in a way that puts your cat at ease.

Beth is also a Registered Nurse who has experience administering veterinarian prescribed treatments. She is comfortable calling your vet to clarify treatment information and will help you to carry treatments out safely in your own home. 

Leah Wilson:

Leah is a behavioral consultant who specializes in cats. She mentored with Katenna Jones (Jones Behavior Consulting) through IAABC. 

Leah is a Physical Therapist who is skilled at observing behavior and creating goal oriented plans targeted at addressing and improving those behaviors. Her interventions focus on teaching the pet parent what is driving undesirable behaviors and how to take positive steps toward modifying that behavior using realistic goals.  




Our grooming services are focused on making and keeping your cat comfortable and healthy, from the cat’s perspective. We steer clear of some common practices that might be convenient for owners or make cats look a certain way, but might be an unnatural condition for the cat and may lead to behavioral problems.

*See blog post "Recommendations For Summer: Say NO to the Lion Cut"

We offer:

  • Belly Trim: $45

  • Brazilian- for groin fur soiling problems: $45

  • Nail Clipping: $30

  • Brushing: $35

  • Mane Trim: $20 (or add-on service $10)

  • Ear & Eye Cleaning: $25 (or add on service $10)

  • Bathing: $80 *See blog post "Natural Baths"

  • Removing Fur Mattes: based on severity ($40-$85) *See blog post "Understanding Fur Mats"

  • Teddy Bear Trim (full body trim): $110 *See blog post "What's a Teddy Bear Trim"

  • Lion Shave (full body shave-down) Available only for fully matted cats and kitties with certain chronic fur issues: $125-$150


Grooming packages are created based on the unique combination of services that your cat needs.

Prices for your package are discounted for three or more full services. 


Nothing puts more strain on a relationship than failed communication. What most pet owners see as problem behaviors are just a cat's way of communicating discomfort, fear, anxiety, or boredom. Our cat behavior consults are designed to educate owners about what their cat is trying to tell them and help them to learn strategies or implement environmental changes to restore harmony with their feline companions.  


We can assist with:​

  • Urination and defecation outside of the litter box

  • Destruction of household items

  • Stress reduction

  • Environmental enrichment

  • Kitten socialization

  • New pet introduction

Price includes an initial consultation, pre-visit emails and follow-up emailing. Subsequent visits to work on changes that have been identified may incur additional visit costs.

Consultation: $150


Repeated trips to the vet can create anxiety for both you and your cat  and the stress of travel can impede the healing process. We can work with your vet to help you to learn to administer medical treatments that have been prescribed, so that you both can stay home and relax.

This is not a service for while you are away, we focus on teaching the pet parent how to better and more comfortably accomplish these tasks

Examples include:

  • Subcutaneous fluids: $40

  • Pill administration: $30

  • Medication injections: $30

  • Eye drops: $30

  • Ear drops: $30

We focus on finding your cat's preferred way to receive the care.

Then we focus on teaching you how to deliver that care to your cat.


Here's What We Can Do 


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